New WheelchairSteve website launched on International Wheelchair Day – 1st March 2020

Today, 1st March 2020, is International Wheelchair Day and an appropriate day to launch my new website.

My original website was appropriate to my business activities since I formed the company in 2005. Now I’ve retired the business no longer exists, but the WheelchairSteve brand lives on through my new WheelchairSteve World website.

In the new website, I aim to post regularly about relevant events, activities, products, services, etc that are relevant to life as a wheelchair user.

While, this year, I’m not involved directly with a specific event to celebrate International Wheelchair Day, which I originally launched on 1st March 2008, the freedom my wheelchair gives me means that tonight, I’ll be able to play Carpet Bowls at Gildacre Fields, the Housing 21 complex where I live in Sunderland.

Steve bowling at Redhouse (February 2020)1

However, around the World, people have been holding events or posting about International Wheelchair Day on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

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